Winner of Miss Bihar 2017

Miss Bihar 2017

Sanya Raj got the title of Freedom Miss Bihar 2017 followed by 1st runner-up Rupali and second runner-up Navam. Along with them many other titles were also given to different girls as such- miss beautiful hair was Priya, miss beautiful eye was Priyanka, miss photogenic was Swati, miss Bollywood diva was Sania, miss catwalk was Aarti, miss perfect dress was Twinkle, miss beautiful skin was Dolly, miss talent was Rama, miss social cause was Rishu. The best thing about this event was that every girl was appreciated for the kind of beauty she had.

The journey was not a catwalk for the contestants they had to go through five tough rounds, which consisted of Bollywood dance round, Introduction round, club round, I.Q round, judges round, on the basis of which Miss Bihar of the year 2017-18 and other winners were selected.

All the gorgeous contestant were judged by Nisha Jha, Wife of ex I.A.S officer, Mr India 2016 Rahul Raj Shekhar, Miss India 2016 Sushruthi Krishna and actor Vinay Anand was also present there. Vinay Anand said, “This is really a great step towards women empowerment which will help them in boosting their self-confidence.

Praveen Sinha CEO of Ocean Vision and the man behind this contest said “ my vision is only to give these girls and their talent a right platform here in their own town, the winner of miss Bihar freedom 2017 will get modelling contract of 1 lakh and other winners will also get their respected prize money”.